In addition to our contemporary theology and apologetics stream, we also offer the opportunity to learn to read NT Greek or Biblical Hebrew.

Whether in weekly evening classes here in Sherborne or in residential study schools at Hilfield Friary, Sarum College or elsewhere why not consider an encounter with the Bible in the Raw.

We all have our favourite English translation of the Bible but whether it is the familiarity of the traditional language of the King James Version (KJV, AV), the immediacy of modern translations such as the Good News Bible (GNB) and The Message (TM), or the more formal style of the Revised Standard Version (RSV, NRSV) or the New International Version (NIV) all share the disadvantage of being – translations.

The Insight Programme offers the opportunity to learn to read the Bible in the languages in which it was written, Greek and Hebrew.

You can study here in Sherborne at weekly evening classes or join one of our intensive study courses designed to take you from beginner to ready to start reading scripture in just one week.

Intensive courses are usually residential (although anyone close-by can join us as a non-resident) and are often offered in association with other institutions such as Sarum College, Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme (STETS) or our friends from the Society of Saint Francis (SSF) at Hilfield Friary.

Our courses are geared towards helping you read scripture in its original language rather than to prepare you for an examination (exam coaching is also available if desired). The emphasis is on learning to read fragments of text right from the start.

For those who already have some Greek and Hebrew we can offer guided reading of New and Old Testament texts such as St Mark, St John, 1 John, Ruth & Jonah to deepen your knowledge of both language and scripture.

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