Killing Machines

Our lecture in 2017 about Artificial Intelligence generated much interest and discussion. Amongst the issues raised was the whole question of remotely controlled or even autonomous weapons. We are delighted to welcome two retired senior officers to help us explore this further. Lt Gen Sir Robert Fry KCB RM is a former commandant of the Royal Marines and served as coalition deputy commanding General in Iraq in 2006 before retiring to head Hewlett Packard’sĀ Enterprise Services, Defence & Security UK. Air…

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Digital Bibles, Notes and Memories

Jon Riding One of the exciting things of recent years has been the growth of mobile phone technologies. Smart phones are now endemic in society, not just in the West but in the developing world where their ability to operate without expensive and difficult to maintain infrastructure (like telegraph poles) makes them a very attractive option for all and sundry. The popularity of apps like YouVersion, now up to 200,000,000 downloads, is clear evidence for how many are choosing to…

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Forthcoming Events
  1. The Cost of Care

    Monday, 1 July @ 19:30 - 21:00
  2. Post-Modern Mission

    Monday, 15 July @ 19:30 - 21:00
  3. Learn New Testament Greek

    Monday, 26 August @ 09:30 - Saturday, 31 August @ 15:00
  4. Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I

    Wednesday, 4 September - Friday, 6 September
  5. Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II

    Monday, 9 September - Wednesday, 11 September