study days

Revelations in Context

Tradition has it that St John the Evangelist, also known as St John the Divine or St John Theologian, composed the book of Revelation in a cave on the island of Patmos whilst in exile. Much of the book of Revelation has puzzled much of the church for much of that last 2,000 years. The dramatised reading of Revelation, Coming Soon, which was performed in the Abbey last year drew many appreciative comments and not a few questions about the book.…

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Lectures and Study Days

Our programme of informative and thought provoking lectures, study days and summer schools offers the chance to hear from experts in many fields. Recent lecturers include Frank Field MP, Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Kate Adie OBE and Nick Spencer of the Theos think tank. In 2014 we covered topics as diverse as Woodbine Willie, John Duns Scotus and Faith & Politics. For Summer 2015 we shall be looking at Faith, Environment & Poverty with Study Days on Faith in the Public Square and…

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Forthcoming Events
  1. NT Greek in a Week

    Monday, 23 July @ 09:30 - Saturday, 28 July @ 15:30
  2. Beginning Biblical Hebrew

    Monday, 13 August @ 09:30 - Wednesday, 15 August @ 15:30
  3. Truth and the Media

    Monday, 24 September @ 19:30 - 21:00
  4. Teaching Truth

    Monday, 8 October @ 19:30 - 21:00
  5. Fierce Imaginings – God and the Great War

    Monday, 19 November @ 19:30 - 21:00