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Cancelled – Reading in St Mark & St John


Advance bookings have been too few to make this course viable so we have had to cancel. With apologies to those who hoped to book at a later date.

This course is ideal for anyone who has completed an intensive NT Greek in a Week or finished our course of evening classes in NT Greek. Beginning with straightforward passages from St Mark and St John it is the perfect way to begin reading the NT text in Greek.

The course is residential but students who live locally are very welcome to join the course as non-residents at a reduced fee: Residential £180, non-residential £110.


NT Greek in a Week – Hilfield Friary – COURSE FULL

Booking for this course is now closed.

The same study programme is available at Sarum College from 27th Jul – 1st Aug 2015.

Hilfield friary is set in the rolling hills of Dorset a few miles to the south of Sherborne. It is a beautiful and tranquil place and we are delighted to be able to offer biblical language tuition in association with the Friary.

The course fee is £380, (£220 non-residential) with a £50 deposit payable on booking and the rest due by 10th August 2015.

During our stay we shall be very much part of the community, sharing meals with them in the refectory and with the opportunity to join them for the morning and evening office if desired.

There is ample opportunity during the extended lunch break to explore the countryside around on foot or to enjoy the peace of the library and common room.

Course Brochure.



Revelations in Context

Tradition has it that St John the Evangelist, also known as St John the Divine or St John Theologian, composed the book of Revelation in a cave on the island of Patmos whilst in exile. Much of the book of Revelation has puzzled much of the church for much of that last 2,000 years.

The dramatised reading of Revelation, Coming Soon, which was performed in the Abbey last year drew many appreciative comments and not a few questions about the book. In this Study Dr Rich Wyld and Dr Christina Lemoignan will show us how to approach the Book of Revelation and understand how this text spoke to its first readers in the early church and what it might have to say to us today.


NT Greek in a Week – Sarum College

SarumColl-360We are delighted to be able to offer our 6-day intensive ‘NT Greek in a Week’ course this summer in association with Sarum College.

Situated in The Close at Salisbury under the shadow of the cathedral spire Sarum College is an ideal venue. Rooms are en suite and there is ample opportunity to explore Salisbury during the extended lunch breaks.

Booking for this course is through Sarum College via their website at: http://www.sarum.ac.uk/event/new-testament-greek-in-a-week.


Evening Class – Learn New Testament Greek

BibLang-Brochure-RollFold_2015_01Study Programme 2014-2015

• Beginning NT Greek, 7th Sept – 5th Oct & 26th Oct – 23rd Nov.
A ten week course covering the basics of beginning to read Koine Greek.

• Prerequisites:

• To have a copy of Learn New Testament Greek (3rd ed.) by John Dobson
• To have learnt the Greek alphabet before the first session

• More NT Greek, 6th Jan – 3rd Feb & 24th Feb – 24th Mar.
Builds on Beginning NT Greek.

• Prerequisites:

• To have a copy of Learn New Testament Greek (3rd ed.) by John Dobson
• To have completed Beginning NT Greek

• Reading NT Greek, 26th Apr – 24th May & 14th Jun – 5th July (dates TBC)
The final ten week term equipping the student to begin reading the NT itself.

• Prerequisites:

• To have a copy of Learn New Testament Greek (3rd ed.) by John Dobson
• To have completed More NT Greek

BookOnlineButton1-300x115Course tutor: Jon Riding, (subsidised) Cost £95 per term:



Biblical Languages

In addition to our contemporary theology and apologetics stream, we also offer the opportunity to learn to read NT Greek or Biblical Hebrew.

Whether in weekly evening classes here in Sherborne or in residential study schools at Hilfield Friary, Sarum College or elsewhere why not consider an encounter with the Bible in the Raw.

We all have our favourite English translation of the Bible but whether it is the familiarity of the traditional language of the King James Version (KJV, AV), the immediacy of modern translations such as the Good News Bible (GNB) and The Message (TM), or the more formal style of the Revised Standard Version (RSV, NRSV) or the New International Version (NIV) all share the disadvantage of being – translations.

The Insight Programme offers the opportunity to learn to read the Bible in the languages in which it was written, Greek and Hebrew.

You can study here in Sherborne at weekly evening classes or join one of our intensive study courses designed to take you from beginner to ready to start reading scripture in just one week.

Intensive courses are usually residential (although anyone close-by can join us as a non-resident) and are often offered in association with other institutions such as Sarum College, Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme (STETS) or our friends from the Society of Saint Francis (SSF) at Hilfield Friary.

Our courses are geared towards helping you read scripture in its original language rather than to prepare you for an examination (exam coaching is also available if desired). The emphasis is on learning to read fragments of text right from the start.

For those who already have some Greek and Hebrew we can offer guided reading of New and Old Testament texts such as St Mark, St John, 1 John, Ruth & Jonah to deepen your knowledge of both language and scripture.

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