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Rock of Ages

RichardColesThe Revd Richard Coles

The Revd Richard Coles has enjoyed a varied career. He trained as a classical musician but soon found himself playing keyboards with Jimmy Somerville as half of the pop duo The Communards.

He is familiar to many as the presenter of Radio 4’s Saturday Live and as a regular guest on Radio 3’s Nightwaves, Newsnight Review and Have I got News for You.

So how on earth does he come to find himself as the Vicar of St Mary’s Finedon? Come and find out!


The Virtual Gospel

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereWill Howard believes that the church must gain a much better understanding of how social media shapes the way that much of society aged 35 and below now thinks of itself and interacts. Social media changes the way we think of ourselves and one another. The Christian gospel is fundamentally relational and unless we understand how relationships work in this virtual world we will struggle to share our good news.

We are often warned that it is the younger generation that is particularly absent from our churches. Interestingly, this is the generation that is most deeply involved with the virtual world of social media and the internet. The church is called to take the gospel to all men and women but how do we reach those whose reality is a often a virtual world of social networking, tweets and e-mails?

The Internet is all about being connected, but so too is the Christian gospel.


Gospel Truth – Message and Medium

elaine-storkeyDr Elaine Storkey explores how the media adopted by society for spreading news and information interact with the message itself. How much does the medium we choose to present the gospel affect the gospel message itself?

In the last sixty years the way in which society spreads news has changed beyond all recognition. Television, Radio and most recently the Internet have transformed the way we spread news. But have the transformed the news we spread as well?

Elain Storkey is a philosopher, sociologist and theologian. From February 2009 to September 2012 she was Director of Education and Training for the Church of England’s Church Army and was Chair of The Church and Media network from 2010 to 2012.


Lectures and Study Days

Our programme of informative and thought provoking lectures, study days and summer schools offers the chance to hear from experts in many fields.

Recent lecturers include Frank Field MP, Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Kate Adie OBE and Nick Spencer of the Theos think tank. In 2014 we covered topics as diverse as Woodbine Willie, John Duns Scotus and Faith & Politics.

For Summer 2015 we shall be looking at Faith, Environment & Poverty with Study Days on Faith in the Public Square and reading the book of Revelation.


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