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Feeling Mortal

One of the inescapable realities of being human is death. Christianity is sometimes accused of denying this reality but in fact sees death not so much as an ending but a new beginning. The Revd Andrew Edmeads MA has for many years been chaplain to a Children’s Hospice and is better qualified than most to reflect on the encounter of the human being with approaching mortality.

He writes: “I have become more interested in what it means to be human, how I [as a chaplain] and the other person might meet and what takes place when the meeting is real and defences are down. I have been struck time and again by a sense that something/someone ‘other’ is present at such times. When carers talk of their work they seem to share the same experience. It seems to me that the more human we are the more we experience some kind of go-between”.

He is a contributor to Chaplaincy in Hospice and Palliative Care pub. – 21 Jul 2017
Karen Murphy (Editor), Bob Whorton (Editor).

We look forward to hearing him talk about this deeply personal area if ministry and what these encounters can teach us of the reality of being human.


Making a Difference

DifferenceWe are delighted to welcome Rt Revd Bishop Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, to Sherborne to close our lecture series on the Environment and Poverty.

Since 2014 +Nicholas has been the Church of England spokesman for the environment. On his appointment Bishop Nicholas said:

“There is an urgency about environmental issues. They press hard on all of us, but the poorest of the earth are the most vulnerable. Faith communities are taking this seriously.
“Christianity is about our turning to a way which is life-giving. The environmental challenges facing us can seem insurmountable, but our deepest resources can renew the hope that we will act to sustain and renew the life of the earth. My hope as I take on this new role is that
this work will energise the Church of England and everyone who cares for creation.”

We look forward to hearing how he thinks we can make a difference.


My sister’s keeper?

Loretta Minghella OBE

SisterLoretta is the CEO of Christian Aid and leads Christian Aid’s involvement in Aprodev (a group of 17 European church-related development agencies) and as a member of the British Overseas Aid Group (BOAG) and the Disasters Emergency Committee.

In a sermon in Winchester Cathedral in 2012 she said, “My job involves travelling round the world to see our work to tackle poverty in more than 40 countries to ensure that I never lose the sense of the full scandal of poverty close up”.
There are few better placed to remind us of our responsibilities towards the poorest in our world, we look forward to welcoming her to Sherborne.


Summer Insight 2015

Poverty & Environment

We are used to hearing reports about the environment, local and global, and we are also accustomed to hearing about poverty. In the 21st century the poor, it seems, are always with us but perhaps we do not always stop to consider whether there might be a connection between these two.

Images such as these are commonplace on our televisions and in our newspapers but is it possible that the way we think of and treat our own environment contributes towards global poverty?

Over the summer of 2015 we welcome four speakers to Sherborne all of whom believe passionately that there are indeed connexions to be made between poverty and environment.

Prof Tim Gorringe
is St Luke’s Professor of Theology at the University of Exeter and well known as a speaker at Greenbelt. He is a champion of the Transition Town movement in the UK. A place to live and the means to prosper 11th May 2015.

Loretta Minghela OBE
is the CEO of Christian Aid. Her work takes her all over the world and she sees at first hand the outcomes of how we in the West treat the world around us. My sister’s keeper? 1st June 2015.

George Otieno is an Anglican priest in Tanzania. He teaches theology at St John’s University in Dodoma and has some challenging questions for Western Christianity. European God, African World 8th June 2015.

Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, is not only our diocesan bishop but the Church of England’s spokesman for environmental issues.
He is in no doubt of the links between environment and poverty, both locally and globally. Making a Difference 6th July 2015.

A series ticket to all four lectures is available @ £16.




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