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Rock of Ages

RichardColesThe Revd Richard Coles

The Revd Richard Coles has enjoyed a varied career. He trained as a classical musician but soon found himself playing keyboards with Jimmy Somerville as half of the pop duo The Communards.

He is familiar to many as the presenter of Radio 4’s Saturday Live and as a regular guest on Radio 3’s Nightwaves, Newsnight Review and Have I got News for You.

So how on earth does he come to find himself as the Vicar of St Mary’s Finedon? Come and find out!


Two Minds One Heart

Annmarie.Revd Sr Ann-Marie Stuart,
Monday 11th January 2015

Every time we celebrate our Eucharist or Communion Service in the Abbey we take part in a celebration that has come down to us through the centuries; a multi levelled spiritual experience. In this talk we will begin to unpack some of the insights which might help us to understand the exciting dynamics behind the music and the words. I discovered as I looked more deeply into what we do when we break Bread together that there are different levels of understanding and meaning, and any one of them can offer us a way in, open fresh windows, and provide us with fresh insight. It did for me as I prepared it so I hope it will be helpful for you also. See you there.


Gospel Truth – Message and Medium

elaine-storkeyDr Elaine Storkey explores how the media adopted by society for spreading news and information interact with the message itself. How much does the medium we choose to present the gospel affect the gospel message itself?

In the last sixty years the way in which society spreads news has changed beyond all recognition. Television, Radio and most recently the Internet have transformed the way we spread news. But have the transformed the news we spread as well?

Elain Storkey is a philosopher, sociologist and theologian. From February 2009 to September 2012 she was Director of Education and Training for the Church of England’s Church Army and was Chair of The Church and Media network from 2010 to 2012.