National Truths

We are particularly pleased to welcome Bishop Jana Jeruma-Grindberga, Chaplain of our sister church St Saviour’s, Riga in Latvia, to talk to us about Truth and Nations. During the 20th century the Baltic states found themselves at the mercy of the Soviet Union with their national stories often buried beneath a tide of soviet propaganda. The perversion of truth to serve a national interest is nothing new but the systematic and wholesale corruption of reality that characterised the Soviet Union…

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Better Alone? – Frank Field MP

The Rt Hon Frank Field MP visited Sherborne on Friday 20th May  to speak as part of our series of lectures on the EU Referendum under the title “Better Alone”. Almost 300 filled the centre of the Abbey Nave to hear him speak. As promised he has sent a copy of his notes for the evening. Frank Field MP: ‘We are debating the destiny of our nation. Do we see our future to lie within the European state? Or do…

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Better Alone – Frank Field MP

Veteran MP Frank Field returns to Sherborne as part of our series of events exploring the EU Referendum. He has long campaigned for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU writing in his blog in 2013: the majority of the country will hopefully make their views known in a second vote, which should be held once we have a much clearer idea about what future shape the EU is likely to take.  Our aim, surely, should be to change the EU. And…

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Faith in the Future of the EU

Ben Ryan (Theos Think Tank) at Sherborne Insight on Monday 25th April 2016 The first of three lectures on Europe and the impending referendum. To be followed by: Frank Field MP 20/5 – Better Alone Gary Streeter MP 16/6 – Better Together   Well thank you for inviting me here today, I am delighted to be kicking off this Sherborne Insight series which is obviously timely, with the referendum approaching, but I think is also important on a wider level…

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Forthcoming Events
  1. Illiberal Truths

    Monday, 16 July @ 19:30 - 21:00
  2. NT Greek in a Week

    Monday, 23 July @ 09:30 - Saturday, 28 July @ 15:30
  3. Beginning Biblical Hebrew

    Monday, 13 August @ 09:30 - Wednesday, 15 August @ 15:30
  4. Truth and the Media

    Monday, 24 September @ 19:30 - 21:00
  5. Teaching Truth

    Monday, 8 October @ 19:30 - 21:00