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Feeling Mortal

One of the inescapable realities of being human is death. Christianity is sometimes accused of denying this reality but in fact sees death not so much as an ending but a new beginning. The Revd Andrew Edmeads MA has for many years been chaplain to a Children’s Hospice and is better qualified than most to reflect on the encounter of the human being with approaching mortality.

He writes: “I have become more interested in what it means to be human, how I [as a chaplain] and the other person might meet and what takes place when the meeting is real and defences are down. I have been struck time and again by a sense that something/someone ‘other’ is present at such times. When carers talk of their work they seem to share the same experience. It seems to me that the more human we are the more we experience some kind of go-between”.

He is a contributor to Chaplaincy in Hospice and Palliative Care pub. – 21 Jul 2017
Karen Murphy (Editor), Bob Whorton (Editor).

We look forward to hearing him talk about this deeply personal area if ministry and what these encounters can teach us of the reality of being human.