I think, therefore I am? – Lecture by Jon Riding

Insight Lecture 9th Oct 2017 Jon Riding. In this essay I am going to give you a glimpse of a new world. It is a world in which there is scope for much relief of human suffering and where more of humanity might see hopes and dreams fulfilled. But it is equally a world which might easily become a dystopian nightmare. It is a world in which humankind are no longer the only intelligent beings and the good news is…

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I think, therefore I am?

Jon Riding, in addition to his role as the coordinator of the Insight Programme here at the Abbey, has for almost 30 years lead a ground breaking research team working in computational linguistics for the Bible Societies. He is also a theologian at Sarum College where he tutors ministry candidates and teaches biblical languages. Much of his work for the Bible Societies is in building computer systems that can learn about language for themselves. In this lecture he explores theĀ approaching…

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