You will find all our events listed under [Programme] and you can book tickets for events on-line at the foot of the page advertising the event. Posters and brochures for the programme can be downloaded at [Resources]. New for 2015 is the [Insight] Blog where we shall feature short pieces on Insight related issues from our own team and others.

The site is ‘Responsive’, this means that it detects whether you are using a PC or laptop, tablet or mobile phone and then does its best to reformat its pages so they can be read more easily on that device. This means that on the smaller screens you will lose the fancy layout you see on your PC or laptop screen. The trade-off is that the text should be presented at a size you can read without a magnifying glass.

We have an on-line booking system which is integrated with our Event diary. To book tickets scroll to the bottom of the page advertising the event and select the number of tickets required. We can accept online payment only via PayPal although tickets are always available at the door – space permitting.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the new site or would like to contribute to the blog please get in touch via [Contact Us].

The Insight Team.

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