The Greek New Testament

The Christian Gospel spread along the trade routes of the Greek speaking Roman Empire. From Jerusalem to Alexandria, Antioch, Ephesus, Athens and Rome the apostles carried the Gospel throughout the ancient world.

They spoke and wrote Koine Greek, the common tongue of the Eastern Meditteranean. Their gospels, letters and stories became what we now call the New Testament.

Reading their gospel in their language gives us a glimpse of how their message transformed their communities.

  • the original language of the NT
  • spoken by the Apostles
  • the gospel ‘in the raw’
  • encounter ‘theological’ terms in
  • their original everyday context
  • knowledge of Latin or any other language not required
  • small, friendly groups

We offer tuition via Evening Classes here in Sherborne and via intensive courses, usually residential, offered in association with other institutions, in particular with Hilfield Friary.


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