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Nearly all of the Old Testament is written in Hebrew. The world of the scribes who collected and wrote down the Jewish Law, the histories of Israel and the deeds and words of the Prophets was very different world from ours.

They used stories to express what they had learnt about God. Sometimes they wrote songs or poems, sometimes they constructed myths but they were always focussed on God and what he has done.

To read Genesis 1 in Hebrew is to enter a world of competing empires each with its own set of gods. It is also to encounter the unshakeable conviction of the Hebrews that there is only one true God, maker and sustainer of all.

  • unlock 3,500 years of history
  • encounter the God of Abraham, Moses & Elijah
  • discover how the Hebrews thought of the world
  • trace the beginnings of the gospel

Beginning Biblical Hebrew, Hilfield Friary, 29/9-1/10/15.

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