Language Course Tutor

jrheadJon D Riding, BA(Th), MPhil, MBCS CITP,
Dip Class, FGMS, FASC

Jon has a wide set of interests ranging through theology, church music, classical languages, and computer science. He is a Visiting Researcher in Computer Science at Oxford Brookes University and an associate lecturer at STETS/Sarum College.

Now semi-retired after 23 years service at the Bible Society where he led a team engaged in ground-breaking research in computational linguistics, Jon has taught NT Greek and Biblical Hebrew in both the UK and overseas and has spent many fascinating hours working with and advising Bible translation teams all over the world.

Jon worked closely with John Dobson on the 2nd edition of his tutor Learn New Testament Greek and the initial preparation of Learn Biblical Hebrew and was privileged to watch John in action teaching his courses both in the UK and Africa.

He teaches Greek, Hebrew and Biblical Studies for various institutions in the UK including the Dioceses of Bath & Wells and Salisbury, STETS and Sarum College. His research interests include the development of the New Testament text and the early Church Fathers.

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Forthcoming Events
  1. Illiberal Truths

    Monday, 16 July @ 19:30 - 21:00
  2. NT Greek in a Week

    Monday, 23 July @ 09:30 - Saturday, 28 July @ 15:30
  3. Beginning Biblical Hebrew

    Monday, 13 August @ 09:30 - Wednesday, 15 August @ 15:30
  4. Truth and the Media

    Monday, 24 September @ 19:30 - 21:00
  5. Teaching Truth

    Monday, 8 October @ 19:30 - 21:00