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War, Peace and Truth

Jāna Jēruma-Grīnberga It is perfectly possible that – as you read this – the situation in the Ukraine will be very different to the one in which this post is written. Prime Minister Harold Wilson is supposed to have observed that a week is a long time in politics. If that was true in the 1970’s, it is even more true in the 2010’s, when geo-political realities are overturned in weeks, and when 24-hour rolling ‘news’ coverage both reflects and…

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Reading the Bible with Hope

This begins with the question of how we should read the Bible, not just as a historical set of texts but as something that relates to our life and faith today. Of course, you could argue that we should just take it at face value, but that’s not so easy as it might seem. Biblical interpretation has taken all sorts of twists and turns over the years, depending on what people have felt was important. For some time, the focus…

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The Bible in the Raw

(First published at Anglican Fulcrum on 7th Oct 2014) After 23 years service with the global Bible translation community I have become accustomed to encountering the question, “Which is the best/most accurate English translation of the Bible?”. I have developed a number of strategies to try and turn this enquiry into something more helpful. The very fact that the question is asked, and asked so often, is indicative of our resource-rich western world view. We are accustomed to picking and…

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